Spaghetti Bridge

Many people in different branches of engineering work to build bridges. Civil engineers are responsible for design and construction of such structures, however they also work with mechanical engineers and material engineers to design the most stable structures. These engineers must consider many variables when creating plans, such as the distance to be spanned, where the bridge is being built, the expected type of traffic it will have to withstand, materials available, budget and what the bridge will look like.


SpaghettiBridge Regional Provincial scope document for Skills Canada


Lesson Plans and Supporting Materials –  Numeracy

Taylor Bridge Collapse Math –

Forces on a Bridge.docx

Math – Feel the Forces of a Suspension Bridge.docx

Math – Bridge Types.docx

Bridges Math project


Lesson Plans and Supporting Materials  – Literacy

SMART framework Gr. 4-6+ Bridge Literacy & SEL Lesson Plan

SMART framework Gr 7-9 Bridge ELA Lesson Plan