• K-9 ERAC Learning Resources

    It has been an exciting term this year for K – 9 teachers, parents, and students in British Columbia. The redesigned curriculum is fully integrated into classrooms and focuses on a Know-Do-Understand model that highlights Big Ideas, Core Competencies and Learning Standards (Content and Curricular Competencies). This new curriculum is intended to provide students with flexible […]

  • SD60 eBooks – Destiny Discover (aka Follett Shelf)

    Our online ebook library is now available to students in Grades 5 – 12 at https://wbb42882.follettshelf.com As with our physical libraries and books we request that parents always be involved in the selection of titles. Accounts follow the following schema. username: firstnamelastname14 These in most cases the account should be the same as students use to login […]

  • Learn360: a resource for UDL

    An effective medium for curating visual and auditory resources is through video. Students can find educational videos on the internet or in the library, however the process may be time consuming.  The ERAC bundle that is included on Digmore under the student e-library has a video site called Learn360. The site houses videos that have […]