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These titles below are available from the EBSCOhost Database, part of our Digital Classroom Bundle.

For some instructions on Journal Searching in EBSCOhost please see this linked Google Doc. 

No password should be required from schools. If at home we suggest connecting via VPN.

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Action.jpgHockey News.jpgTeen.jpgJunior Scholastic.jpgDog World.jpg
Cheerleader.jpgRolling Stone.jpgHorse Rider.gifDirt Bike.jpgRide BMX.jpg
Current Health.jpgFrance Today.jpgCGW.jpgAirplane.jpg

SD60 has purchased perpetual digital licenses for the first three editions of Canoe Kids. You will need to sign in with your Learn60 or PRN Google accounts to access the linked PDF files below.

Volume 1 – The Ojibwe Of Great Spirit Island – Learn60 LinkPRN Link

Volume 2 – The Ojibwe Of Great Spirit Island – Learn60 LinkPRN Link

Volume 3 – The Mi’kmaq of Ktaqamkuk – Learn60 LinkPRN Link

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