• Demonstrating Core Competencies in the CWT program

    As part of the Curriculum with Technology (CWT) Grade Six iPad program, students have been using iPads to create artifacts and self-assessments to illustrate Core Competencies. Creating artifacts using technology allows students to represent their learning in multi-representational formats, which is a cornerstone of universal design for learning (UDL).  As well, It is important for students to be […]

  • Did you know….?

    Did you know that camels were used to pack supplies to the gold fields of the Interior during the Cariboo Gold Rush? Check out the “Did You Know?” page on KnowBC.com in the Digmore library for more information about the Cariboo Gold Rush and many other interesting facts related to British Columbia.    

  • Check out the new link to World Book Dramatic Learning!

    Check out the new link to World Book Dramatic Learning – Classroom Plays and Reader’s Theatre in the Digmore e-library. The site offers: The Play’s the Thing: plays by grade level, subject and title Actor’s Corner: activities, monologues, skits and play starters Teach with Theatre: lesson plans, curriculum connections, assessment rubrics, and mini-inquiry projects  

  • Coding Talkers – First Nations Culture & Computational Thinking

    Students in Mr. Haddrell’s class at Charlie Lake Elementary School enjoyed participating in a lesson that connected our Canadian Aboriginal Code talkers history to computer language applications. Students learned more about the role these Canadian Aboriginal code talker soldiers played in the war effort by creating coded messages in Cree. After hearing code talker stories, […]

  • The Integration of Arts into Coding

    Students around the district have been highlighting their artistic skills when learning to code a story in the iPad coding app, Scratch Jr.  They are also gaining competency in  computational thinking skills and discovering more about the importance of procedural language. The Scratch Jr. app has ready-made background templates and characters that the students can […]

  • NexGen Codetalkers

    During World War II, First Nations soldiers from Canada who spoke Cree were recruited as top secret “code talkers”. Because soldiers from other countries did not know of the Cree language, they were unable to recognize and decipher the “coded” messages written or spoken in Cree. The code talkers were able to create “unbreakable” coded […]

  • ADST Lesson Ideas

    To support teachers with the new Applied Design, Skills & Technology (ADST) curriculum, we have created a Google Site that features lesson samples and resource links. Please contact Laurie Petrucci (lpetrucci@prn.bc.ca) or Glen Longley (glongley@prn.bc.ca) if you have lesson samples to share. ADST Lesson Ideas https://sites.google.com/prn.bc.ca/adst-lesson-ideas/home  “A turning point came for me in the early 1960s, […]

  • K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence

    Students need to develop skills in digital literacy from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to become more fluent in the areas of internet safety, digital self-image, digital citizenship, copyright laws, media management and information curation, as well as ethical considerations such as cyberbullying. Technology fosters the ability for children to tackle complex tasks, access learning resources […]

  • Citing References

    When you see a painting by Van Gogh, you know it is a Van Gogh. Although, sometimes when we see a piece of art, it is necessary to look at the signature to discover who created the work. Often, artists create pieces that are inspired from other artist’s work as well. However, it is still […]

  • A Virtual Museum Tour & 3D Printers

    Integrating 3D printing into learning contexts supports constructivism, hands-on learning, and design thinking, as well as fosters skill competency in Geometry. There are many different ways to use 3D printers and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs in learning applications. For example, students could create their own designs to print in Entrepreneurship class, design and print artifacts […]