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Time to get out the microscopes, backboards, and lab books! The Northern BC Regional Science Fair will be held in Fort St. John this year on April 11, 2017 at North Peace Secondary School (NPSS) gymnasium. In the upcoming months, students at local schools throughout the district will be showcasing their innovation, curiosity, and discoveries to be eligible for a spot to attend the Regional Science Fair. It is a wonderful event where students connect with peers to celebrate their enthusiasm for scientific exploration. The fair also provides students with the opportunity to talk to local science experts and find out more about potential careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) areas.

The Science Fair Guide is a great resource to find out more about potential science fair projects. For example, students can create projects with a focus on experimentation, innovation, or studies. Students need to also remember that when they plan experiments that involve human or animal subjects there are ethical guidelines to follow and permission from the science fair committee is required. Students should contact Ms. Gatt – – for more information and check out the general rules and ethical guidelines.

There are also many great resources available on this Digmore site. Check out World Book Science Power, Gale Science in Context, or GreenR for research information. There are also many scientific videos available at Learn360. Another great resource to find out about more on past national science fair winners and get research ideas is the Let’s Talk Science CurioCity site.

If you have any general inquiries regarding Science Fair, please contact Jennie Copeland at

Good luck with your projects…  see you at the Regional Science Fair!

Laurie Petrucci

Helpful Resources:

There are many online resources available to students, teacher, and parents to find out more about science projects, general rules and safety, and science fair information.

Northern BC Regional Science Fair website:

Youth Science Canada:

Science Fair Guide 2017:

Let’s Talk Science CurioCity:

General rules and ethics:

Digmore – STEAM