• Climate Change collection from Curio.ca

    Curio.ca has added a climate change collection with a variety of videos, some with teacher guides, available at https://curio.ca/en/collection/climate-change-2680/?page=3&order=date

  • Canada Reads in the Classroom – Curio.ca Resource #sd60

    Curio.ca has a resource to support the Canada Reads in the Classroom program available at https://curio.ca/en/collection/canada-reads-2019-2566/ They report it is suitable for ages 9-14. Curio.ca is brought to you as an a la carte option through BCERAC’s (BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) Digital Classroom bundle which we call Digmore here in SD60.

  • Browsing Magazines and Subjects in EBSCOhost

    Did you know our Digmore digital classroom bundle includes current magazine titles like Scholastic News? It does! Magazines are available through EBSCOhost and we’ve created a short video that explains how you can use the search function to see all subjects in the magazine to help find articles of interest for your class! This is […]