• New eBook Titles in Destiny Discover

    The following titles have been added to our Destiny Discover / Follett Shelf ebook collection. You can access the shelf at https://wbb42882.follettshelf.com/shelf/servlet/presentshelfform.do?site=42882 More information on accounts can be found at http://www.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=225 in the ebooks section. Title Author Type Adventures in sound with Max Axiom, super scientist  Sohn, Emily ebook Aventure au Yukon  Marc, Kathiana ebook Bienvenue […]

  • New Titles in Destiny Discover

    We’ve added several new titles in June of 2017 including Audiobooks, books from the elementary restricted novel list, and four graphic novel adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays. We also now have nine of the Max Axiom science series which explain scientific concepts in comic book format. Students in Grade 5-12 have accounts that match their learn60 […]

  • New eBooks

    We’ve ordered some new eBooks for Destiny Discover (aka Follett Shelf) that will be in the catalogue in the next few days – See the ebooks section at http://www.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=225 for more info on how grade 5-12 students can access our ebook catalogue. The Breadwinner – single license (only one checkout at a time) Catching Spring – unlimited […]

  • SD60 eBooks – Destiny Discover (aka Follett Shelf)

    Our online ebook library is now available to students in Grades 5 – 12 at https://wbb42882.follettshelf.com As with our physical libraries and books we request that parents always be involved in the selection of titles. Accounts follow the following schema. username: firstnamelastname14 These in most cases the account should be the same as students use to login […]